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Olmet skup złomu - galeria
Olmet skup złomu - galeria
Olmet skup złomu - galeria
Olmet skup złomu - galeria
Olmet skup złomu - galeria
30 years

We have been inspired by scrap metal for over 30 years. OLMET is a family business inspired by scrap metal and driven by modern technology.

Over the past 30 years, the company has grown from a small scrap metal collection point with an office in a yellow banana mermaid vehicle to the largest scrap yard in Poland that became a leading supplier of scrap metal to domestic and foreign steel mills. In our business we focus on out-of-the-box solutions and innovative technologies, which is why our motto is: "The scrap metal inspires us”.

300,000 tons
The 300,000 tons of scrap input corresponds to the annual production of the OLMET.

The 300,000 tons of scrap input corresponds to the annual production of the OLMET.

The company's business activity is predominantly based on scrap recycling and innovations. We process approximately 300,000 tons of scrap metal annually. We are well known for competitive prices, professionalism, reliable scrap classification and the highest quality of batch scrap delivered to the steel mills. The search for new solutions and areas for business development has enabled our company to successfully extend its spectrum of activities to the rolling stock recycling and a railway carrier's licence. In retrospect, it looked like this...

O nas
Przemysław Oleś - Prezes Zarządu Olmet
OLMET on the Forbes Diamond list
Behind the success of every company are the people. Therefore, first of all we will talk about success - OLMET is on the list of Forbes Diamonds 2022. And now let's move on to the people. Behind this success is first and foremost This Man, Przemysław Oleś.
Milestones in the history of Olmet:

1993 - Opening of a scrap metal collection point in Tarnowskie Góry on Towarowa Street by Andrzej Oleś, the company founder, with a mobile office in... Syrenka vehicle


1994 - Change of "office premises" from the Syrenka car into a container


2002 - Enlargement of the scrap yard thanks to purchase of a land plot after bankruptcy of another company operating in the vicinity of OLMET (Paget plant)

2002 - Establishing cooperation with the global steel producer ArcelorMittal


2010 - Edition of a unique corporate calendar – Materia NieZłomnie Piękna, hailed as the "Silesian Pirelli"


2011 - Purchase of Poland's first innovative machine from the manufacturer TEREX-FUCHS

2011 - A distinction in The VIVA!PHOTO AWARD contest for the Olmet’s calendar photo


2013 - Opening company owned Piwniczna SPA & Conference Hotel in Piwniczna-Zdrój


2014 - Start of ‘EcoAirbag by OLMET’ brand – designer recycling bags made from car airbags and seatbelts


2015 -Opening of company branch in Chorzów


2016 - Opening of a rolling stock dismantling station in Tarnowskie Góry


2017 - Participation in the Dicovery Channel productions, tv serries named: ‘ZŁOMOWISKO PL’ and ‘Wyburzacze’


2018 - Construction of company’s railway siding


2020 - Publication of the children's picture book entitled ‘Złomokoty i inne zwierzaki niedomowe wśród’

2020 - Recording the highest annual turnover in the company's history


2021 - Obtaining a railway carrier's licence

2021 - Record turnover year-on-year

2021 - Record number of scrapped wagons (10,000 pcs) and locomotives (1,000 pcs)


2022 - OLMET on the Forbes Diamond List

2022 - Olmet's collaboration with world-renowned artist MIMI CHOI on the OLMET.RECYCLING 2023 calendar project

2022 - Starting the second unique scrap shredding line in the country

2022 - Start of the two largest investments in the company's history which estimated completion time is 3-4 years, investment value of over 300 million PLN

2022 - Exceeding the employment level of 200 people

czerwiec 2022 - The company's record monthly turnover exceeding Olmet's annual turnover in 2021.

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We take care about the environment

Scrap recycling process

proces recyklingu złomu - demontażDismantling
proces recyklingu złomu - przetworzenieProcessing into secondary raw materials
koło recyklingu złomu
proces recyklingu złomu - segregacjaSegregation
proces recyklingu złomu - odzysk i sprzedażRecovery and sale

Our Projects


The first children's book about the junkyard - on sale now!

In 2020, OLMET published a must-read for children and adults, “Złomokoty (i inne zwierzaki niedomowe) wśród maszyn”. – real guide to scrap metal recycling.

Read more about Zlomokoty


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