„The Olmet company scraps 70% of the railway rolling stock in Poland. We are the largest company offering dismantling of old locomotives. The renewal of the rolling stock of the largest carriers has increased the demand for the scrapping of railway rolling stock. We are the largest entity performing such services in Poland,” say Olmet representatives.”,nId,1111953

“The beginnings – as is usually the case – were not easy. The company’s office was located in a Drzymała wagon, and scales had to be rented from a neighbouring company for a fee. Over time, however, the company grew and Andrzej Oleś began buying up neighbouring land bit by bit. Today his company covers a total area of 10 hectares and employs over 200 people.”

„Olmet is one of the most innovative companies in this industry in Poland, which often works on technological solutions together with the world’s largest machine manufacturers. (…) It is hardly surprising that the new Actros and Arocs feel at home in such an innovative environment.”

“The Olmet company from Tarnowskie Góry is making a television career. It has already recorded for Discovery Channel and TVN Turbo programmes. And this is probably not the end of it.”


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