In 2017 Olmet entered the… small screens.

Thanks to participation in TV series produced by Discovery
Channel Polska entitled “ZŁOMOWISKO PL” and
“WYBURZACZE”, we gained a multitude of fans all over
Poland. Thank you for being and continuing to be with us
(not only in front of the TV screens).

Złomowisko PL

The programme ZŁOMOWISKO PL revolutionised modern television in a way, because there was no such thing before this junk show.

The series was broadcasted in Poland from 2015 to 2021 on the Discovery Channel Polska. The theme was the work of ‘scrap metal workers’ – the smallest ones in the person of Mareczek and co. and those… the biggest scrap metal companies in the country, headed by Olmet. The fourth season of the series was a real blockbuster in the history of Discovery Channel’s broadcasting in Poland. Olmet appeared on the show in season 5 and stayed with its cast until the end of season 13. Among the characters of ZŁOMOWISKO PL that are best known and liked by the programme’s viewers is Krzysztof “Kura” Domogała – one of Olmet’s top operators. The programme’s producers described our corporate heroes – Przemek with the Olmet crew as follows:

„Olmet, the scrap metal giant from Silesia, will face orders that are almost impossible to carry out.”

And rightly so, because our company domain is that we deal with the impossible at once…

The show featured:
  • Przemek “Przemek” Oleś – owner
  • Janusz Wojewodzic – director
  • Marek “Janic” Janic – employee-manager
  • Krzysztof “Kura” Domogała – employee-operator
  • Wiesław “Kolczyk” Drej – employee-operator
  • Joachim “Achim” Pietrek – employee-operator
  • As a guest – a bunch of our drivers, operators and one more Mr. Piotr Tobor

Wyburzacze PL

Wyburzacze is a television series that was broadcasted on TVN and on the Player platform, between 2017 and 2021.

The series featured the safe razing of various structures, buildings or other construction and industrial structures. At times, heavy equipment and explosives went into action. The demolishers undertook extremely difficult demolitions, both of small and huge structures. Episodes featuring Olmet include the demolition of the FAZOS boiler house in Tarnowskie Góry. Our employees, headed by Przemek and Janusz, took part in the programme.

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OLMET wyburzacze

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