OLMET is the No. 1 vehicle disassembly station in Silesia and one of the largest car scrapping companies in Poland.

We take care about the environment

Scrap recycling process

proces recyklingu złomu - demontażDismantling
proces recyklingu złomu - przetworzenieProcessing into secondary raw materials
koło recyklingu złomu
proces recyklingu złomu - segregacjaSegregation
proces recyklingu złomu - odzysk i sprzedażRecovery and sale

By issuing dismantling certificates, OLMET provides professional car recycling services. We provide our customers with company roadside aids for transporting wrecks free of charge.


Here you will find information on what to prepare before scrapping your car. You will see that scrapping your vehicle can only be of benefit to you and the environment. Not only will you be able to dispose of your vehicle, which is often no longer usable, in a professional and environmentally friendly manner, but you will also be able to recover a generous amount of cash. What vehicle scrapping is all about.

  • ❯❮ What does vehicle scrapping involve?

    Professional recycling has 2 priorities – highest level of metal recovery and safety. Vehicle dismantling station staff must first remove fuel and any hazardous liquids from vehicle and dismantle components and parts with a view to recycling. At modern stations such as OLMET, these activities are carried out using specialised machinery and equipment.

    The dismantling and recycling process is complemented by a professional line for shredding scrap car wrecks to separate ferrous from non-ferrous metals and to separate the plastic, glass and other materials.

  • ❯❮ What kind of car can be dismantled?

    A car that is no longer drivable or whose repair and further maintenance is no longer economically cost-effective/safe for the owner/user of the vehicle. It is often the case that the vehicles the customer wants to dispose of are in very poor condition and can no longer be used. This means that they cannot be taken to a vehicle collection point or dismantling station on their own. Olmet is equipped with a fleet of vehicles – including numerous breakdown lorries, with which it transports the scrapped cars from the customer to its branches (transport of working vehicles is also possible - depending on the customer's individual needs).

  • ❯❮ Where to deliver the vehicle for scrapping?

    To a dismantling station or vehicle collection centre. It is important to make sure that a given point operates legally based on a permit from the provincial marshal – Olmet has 2 authorised vehicle dismantling stations – in Tarnowskie Góry and Chorzów Batory, and vehicle collection points in Rybnik and Mszana near Jastrzębie-Zdrój.

  • ❯❮ What documents should you bring with you?
    1. Identity card or other proof of identity
    2. Vehicle registration card
    3. The car must have a VIN number or body, chassis or frame number.
  • ❯❮ What should be kept in mind when scrapping?

    The dismantling station cancels the registration certificate, vehicle card and number plates of the vehicle. A declaration of their invalidity is then issued, as well as a certificate confirming that the vehicle has been scrapped (in 3 copies – for the vehicle owner, for the owner of the dismantling station, for the traffic department.) It is important to notify the insurer that the vehicle has been scrapped!

    Failure to do so may result in a third party liability premium being charged for the following year.

  • ❯❮ What do I have to do after scrapping?

    On the basis of the documents issued, within 30 days from the date of scrapping the car, you must go to the transport department and apply for the deregistration of the vehicle. It is important that the scrapper reports the fact that the vehicle has been scrapped to the insurance company. In this way, you will avoid being charged a third-party liability premium for the following year. At the same time, you can obtain a refund of the unused premium for the period from the date the vehicle was scrapped until the end of the insurance period.

  • ❯❮ What is the cost of scrapping my car?

    Crapping costs nothing! You can only make money on scrapping! The amount paid by the dismantling station or vehicle collection point depends on the weight of the vehicle and the current car recycling price list. You can check our scrapping prices here. But beware: if the car is not complete, i.e. its weight is less than 60 per cent of the weight of a new vehicle, the dismantling station may charge the owner.

    OLMET does not charge any fee as a rule, but deducts PLN 0.05 per kg for the lack of individual vehicle components, e.g. battery, engine, etc. If a catalytic converter is missing, we deduct 0.20 zł/kg from the scrapping price accordingly.

  • ❯❮ Where can you find us?

    Olmet has 2 authorised vehicle dismantling stations in Tarnowskie Góry and Chorzów and vehicle collection points in Rybnik and Mszana.

  • ❯❮ Where can you find our price list?

    Where can you find our price list? - For information on current car recycling prices at Olmet, please contact our Customer Service Office: +48 32 768 32 13, bok@olmet.pl. The price list of scrap metal and car recycling is also available here: price list.

Car scrapping calculator

* Catalyst

* The way of delivering the car

* Weight of the car

1 tone 1,5 tony 2 tons 2,5 tony 3 tons 3,5 tony

Price: 1800 zł net

The above scrap car prices do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code due to the possibility of their change in less than 1 day. Moreover, the scrap car price is subject to general vehicle condition assessed by our staff member who verifies possible lack of some car parts such as catalytic converter etc., and car weight – when delivered to us the car is weighted by us. While when we collect the car we use the weight from a vehicle registration card. We therefore encourage all those interested in scrapping a car to confirm the current binding price of the day by calling +48 32 768 32 13.

Current car recycling prices effective from 15.03.2024 r.
złomowanie aut - samochód kompletny
price: 0.95 zł/kg
complete car with original catalytic converter
(car supplied to Olmet by customer)
złomowanie aut - samochód kompletny z oryginalnym katalizatorem
price: 0.75 zł/kg
complete car with original catalytic converter
(car collected from the customer by the company's roadside assistance service)
złomowanie aut - samochód bez katalizatora (dostarczony)
price: 0.65 zł/kg
car without a catalyst
(car supplied to Olmet by the customer)
złomowanie aut - samochód bez katalizatora (odbierany)
price: 0.55 zł/kg
car without a catalyst
(car collected from the customer by the company's roadside assistance service)
Złomowanie autobusów
price: 0.25 zł/kg
-30% pollution
Złomowanie samochodów ciężarowych
price: N10

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