EcoAirbag by OLMET are original bags created by Olmet from recycled materials, as they are recovered from cars scrapped in our vehicle dismantling station OLMET – seat belts and airbags.

Not only are our bags unique, as you won’t find such designer ribbons in a shop, they are also 100% eco! Created in the spirit of zero waste, they are a living example of upcycling, i.e. transforming used, useless materials into something new.
Interestingly, every bag is different, so when you decide to buy our bags, you have to trust us and entrust us with the selection of your unique bag according to the criteria of our shop – colour, design, size.

People say in Poland: Don’t buy a cat in a bag. Well, for our bags it’s worth going against the grain and… Taking a risk 😉
Highly recommended! To the shop, to the walk, to school, to the beach!
Olmet girls.

What makes our bags stand out apart from their eco-recycling design?

Thanks to the technical fabrics used in their production, our bags are super durable, long-lasting, functional, waterproof and, in addition, incredibly lightweight. They are hard to get dirty, and if something does happen, they can be washed safely in the washing machine at 40°C.

Why the bags have a different colours, designs and sizes?

This is because, in the automotive industry, every manufacturer (and there are really many!) has its own colour scheme for car accessories. Therefore each bag is different and unique – bigger, smaller, bluer, pinker, striped, flat – each handmade with due care, diligence and patience <3

Dun-striped bag
Pastel-striped bag
Coloured bag
Colourful bag in a different way

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