What do we buy?

  • steel scrap: non-chargeable, batch scrap
  • steel turnings
  • cast iron scrap
  • non-ferrous scrap (non-ferrous metals) – includes all metals except iron, e.g. aluminium, copper, zinc
  • batteries, catalytic converters
  • aluminium cans

We obtain non-ferrous steel scrap in scrap processing with the help of company’s own scrap shredding line and a DANIELI HENSCHEL press shear. Mechanically processed material has a defined chemical composition, permissible marginal impurities, dimensions and weight in accordance with the steelworks’ delivery standards. This makes the process of melting steel from the batch scrap metal safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

As part of our activities, we also make containers available to our customers, by renting them for the loading and collection of waste (including waste such as wood and rubble).

Why do we need the scrap metal for?

Scrap metal is the general name for metal objects intended for use in a recycling process. Scrap recycling involves the recovery and processing of scrap metal from finished products or structures and from post-production scrap metal by remelting them.

Scrap metal includes, for example, metal production waste, metal products not suitable for repair, structural elements from demolition, municipal metal waste, worn out cars (stripped of non-metallic elements, i.e. upholstery, seals, fluids, etc.), machinery, equipment and their parts, steel structures, etc.

Scrap recycling is all about saving natural resources. Recycling 1 ton of scrap saves 1.5 tons of ore, 0.5 tons of coke and other materials. Recycling scrap metal also reduces the amount of water used and wastewater discharged. In the metallurgical electric furnaces, 100% of the scrap is turned into steel with low CO2 emission.

OLMET processes up to 300,000 tons of scrap metal annually, resulting in annual savings of: 450,000tons of ore and 150,000tons of coke and other materials.

OLMET works with both individual customers and major companies in the country and abroad. We offer our trading partners purchase, processing and sale of steel scrap and non-ferrous metals. We guarantee the highest scrap metal prices, reliable material classification and professional customer service, as well as the possibility of individual price negotiations.

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