In 2020, OLMET published a must-read for children and adults, “Złomokoty (i inne zwierzaki niedomowe) wśród maszyn”. – real guide to scrap metal recycling.

We encourage all lovers of machines, animals and… scrap metal! to read our book about the animals you can meet at our scrap yard. Together with them, we will show you around the biggest scrap yard in Poland.

The author of this edition is Anna Swoboda, who has been professionally involved with OLMET for more than 10 years. The book’s illustrations depicting the work of the Tarnogórski scrap yard were created by the well-known graphic artist, illustrator and author of numerous publications in the form of picture books – Krzysztof Stręcioch.

Złomokoty is a book inspired by the scrap-metal cats that found their home at our the scrap yard, the machines and the true story of the OLMET company – the largest scrap yard in Poland.

Who doesn’t dream of a trip to the scrap yard to see the tireless machines surrounded by real mountains of scrap metal! As it happens, the industrious machines also have their fans among the animals. The booklet will allow readers to get to know more about the scrapyards and other non-domestic animals that inhabit the Tarnogórskie scrap yard.

Złomek, Puszek, Lisek, Jeżyk, Szczurek and others invite everyone to take a tour of the junkyard. Along the way, they come across more machines and animals who know how to recycle scrap metal. Everything is supervised by the mysterious Szefunio…

This unusual children’s book will give readers a behind-the-scenes look at the work of a scrap yard and will also answer the question: Why do we need the scrap metal for!

You can purchase the book here. You can also find it in selected bookshops.

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